We wanted to create a personal gym that did more than just help people to lose weight or bulk up.

By placing a focus on a client’s overall health – both mental and physical – we noticed much-improved results. And these were results that lasted.

For clients, the impact their overall health had on their fitness goals was amazing. By reducing toxins and stabilising inflammation, clients saw improved levels of fat loss.


Getting fit makes you look good.

Getting healthy makes you feel good


  • What is the name of your business and when was it incorporated?

Ubuntu Fitness


  • Where is it currently operating?

Clarke Quay The Central


  • Who are your target audience? (Please specify)

People who is looking for personal training to lose weight. Around the age of 35 to 60.


  • List your products and services, and price range.

Personal training.

Price range between $200 to $2700


  • How do customers find you? Links to your website and social media pages?

facebook: ubuntu _ fitness



  • What makes you different from your competitors?

We provide personal training with a holistic approach


  • Any promotions for the next few months that readers can tap on?

We do have free trial.

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