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If you have been struggling with sales and cracking your head on how to push the branding and sales revenue of your products, then we might just be the solutions you are looking for. Running a business sounds like an easy idea – well, almost. I just need to build up a website from the many free templates around, and have a Facebook page to tell others on social media what my products are about. Well, recouping your investments from the product stock (including storage costs) and other branding investments can be a challenge.


Some small size businesses never made back their cost after a year, and had to even shut down. It’s a matter of when you actually break even before hitting profitability.


There are several ways you can sell your products; by having your own Commerce and marketing yourself, engagement of social media influencers to extend your reach or find and train resellers and distributors (online or offline) to sell your products. Alternatively, if you are on with some capital, you can also try hiring a sales team – then hoping they make the sales as you anticipated.

So, in-house sales people, online distributors or engage social media influencers?

Finding sales people is not easy. You need someone experienced in starting and building good relationships with people, and one with interest to sell your products. Often, from my personal experience, finding the right sales people who believe in my product and vision enough as well as having the right interpersonal skills to engage others – is really, really rare to find. At the end of all that investment on sales people, unfortunately for me, it never worked out well. My stock are still unsold, my overheads are higher and my HR investment are lost. Additionally, after all that trouble – I ran out of time.

Online distributors are great, and they are many people who simply take up the role of reselling online to earn income from their social media network. Seeking online resellers is not that hard, but find the right passionate ones who will stay on to sell your brand for years is tough. You need a proper system to actually train, monitor and incentive your online resellers so they perform according to your target sales and you never need to worry losing them and looking out for more. Because that would mean constantly investing in training.

A common solution, often taken up by large companies with a fat marketing budget, is the engagement of micro or macro influencers. Social media influencerscomes with a sizeable network, which they have self invest to build a community and engage with via their personal social platform. The engagement of them, contributes largely to brand awareness but not necessary sales. Influencers are not sales people, they are not trained to follow up on sales enquiries, or have extensive product knowledge of your goods. They are paid by the post, based on the size of their network, and they leave it there. Whether that brand awareness actually made sales is another question together.

How does Spendless Cosmetics help our Merchant Partners?

Spendless Cosmetics is a community of beauty lovers and resellers, highly engaged, motivated, incentivised and trained to promote and sell on social media. Each of our resellers own a website, design and integrated with their social media – so they could promote and take in sales transaction within their network who supports their eCommerce business. As a reseller, they earn commission from every sale, cash bonus for performing and product gifts for active marketing. The system granted to them within 2 minutes upon signing up as our reseller, also shows their results of sales and transactions on a daily basis where they can simply log on any time to view.

20,000 online resellers and counting

It has been two years since we’ve launched our technology, with more than 20,000 resellers across 14 countries who have earned income without leaving home. The supplier ships direct to the customers, or to the head office to manage the distribution that as a reseller, I never need to outlay capital for stock orders or queue for hours at the local post office.

Product & Sales Training

We run webinars to coach our reseller on any new products arrival so they can sell better, including sales and digital marketing strategies. Partnering with Spendless Academy, every reseller has free access to hundreds of online webinars to learn about marketing, sales, business and many others. We believe in the investment of people, for us and them to do better and be successful.

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Marketing & Advertising Expert

We partner with Spendless Creative Studio to manage all marketing, design and managing advertising slots and schedule. With its extended resources and channels, we bring forth a large number of impressions for maximum brand awareness. So rest assured, we got the experts to ensure our client’s brand are marketed right and well.


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As a merchant partner, you are tapping on a larger scale of influencing.

That is what Spendless Cosmetics can promise you – We got all the marketing and design experts to work on your branding, the active and motivated resellers to extend your products across various social media channels, and distribution channel should you want to expand overseas. We are in 14 countries and plan to hit 23 by end of 2019, bringing you more possible channels of distribution to help you scale faster.

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We welcome beauty & fashion product and fitness services.

We are dedicated to especially help growing local grown businesses, who manufactures and plans to distribute into many countries. At the same time, our Lifestyle division will encourage listing of beauty and fitness classes to be promoted by our community.


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You can only win as a our merchant partner. We got the right crowd.

Our customers, won by our beauty resellers are the perfect audience for you. There are mostly women who are passionate about beauty, fitness and shopping online. They fall in the category of middle class or higher, with a reasonable income capacity and high buying power. You want your products recommend from a customer’s close network, then our reseller are here trained to do the job. Just imagine, tapping into thousands of social media accounts every day from the point of personal recommendation since we know promotional gimmick does not win long term customers.

Common Question: I am a small business owner, and I am new in this. I don’t have a lot of marketing budget, so are your marketing packages expensive?

We have the capability to alter various marketing strategies with our network to fit the budget you have. We accessed the value of your product and service, study the market potential demand, and advise the potential reach from the budget you are investing. Then we work backwards, by planning the suitable strategy that would hit the reach target as agreed. Our marketing can go from simple one time advertising to long term marketing partners, ranging from as low as USD 250 onwards. This budget also depends on the countries you’ve decided to penetrate through us, and the extra cost that might be incurred should you need logistics support as well.

Money Back Guarantee

We can’t promise a commitment of sales amount, as that largely depends on the end consumer based on the need for your kind of product. But we do promise the reach and impressions, since we control the activity of our resellers through incentivising them. Based on your budget, we will estimated a potential reach and commit to hit the agreed target of exposure. You are entitled to the money back guarantee policy, should we fail to reach the maximum exposure based on your budget. So, there you go, we keep your risk super low.

Watch this video for 1 minute explanation how it would work for you.

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If you are struggling to grow your business, worry about walk in customers and have poor branding awareness, or trying to penetrate in global markets – then we could be your solution. Have a non obligatory chat with us, to discover a whole new world of marketing and sales that will change your company’s growth massively. Connect with us here.

Spendless Cosmetics is part of the Spendless Group, an eco-system of businesses that services and manages a large community from individuals to business owners established by Leza Parker and her team of C-Levels. Spendless Group is currently based in Singapore as its head quarters, and looking to open a second base in Germany early 2019 to service clients and partners in the EU market and the USA. Spendless Cosmetics is currently in 14 countries, including its recent launch into India.

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Opportunity to Invest

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