Spendless Cosmetics: Dedicated to the mothers who chose to stay at home.

I was already a mother at least five years before I started my first business. In fact I was a stay home mother, with three young children. And for many reasons, I’ve chose to stay at home at that time – primarily worried about the care of my children if I did head back out to work while they were still relatively small. The common questions were “Will my child be alright?” “What if she is hungry and no one fed her on time?” “What if his nappy is soiled, and is not changed right away?” “Does she miss me because I greatly miss her?”

The Phase of Motherhood

It’s only a question of time, before most women end up becoming a mother. It’s a one way road, for when you’ve become a mother – you will always be. Motherhood is not a phase any kind of formal training, can prepare you for. Each child is different, each parent is different. There is no standard template, and it’s not always easy times. If I remembered how parenting was for me, I could recalled how tiring it is and stressful, while trying to juggle everything else following the sleeping pattern and schedule of a baby. There is no luxury or privacy, and day in day out, was caring for these little people. There is more to parenting of course, with grooming and nurturing our offsprings with good values and character. And it’s an ongoing process for nearly two decades before we can be sure, they are good to be independent without us.

The choice to stay home for some mothers

For various reasons, neither right or wrong, mothers chose to stay home. And I really can’t say what reason is valid, for a mother to choose to be at home instead of out there pursuing her career. I have respect for all mothers, for whatever they choose to do, because the choice to be a parent in the first place is something already so commendable.

So I am assuming mothers choose to stay home, because they prefer to look after their household and not missing every milestone of their child. They have decided to put their career on hold, or never pursuing it at all so they can focus on grooming and raising their children. But regardless, the choice to be at home just means the household depends on a single breadwinner and may struggle to make ends meet.

Stay home mothers aren’t paid a salary

Choosing to stay at home also means to live on a budget allocated by the husband to spend on. Without injection of income from the mother, sometimes things can get a little tight at home. Mothers may struggle with trying to keep up with the bills, because for selected months their expenses may exceed the budget due to factors they cannot control i.e. child falling sick and needed treatment. Schools and books get expensive, and on top of that, the family could also have pending loans to worry about each month from mortgage, credit card payments or even car instalments.

Extra is always good to have

Regardless even if a stay home mother is not struggling, earning extra income with the time not in a corporate career could do good. Saving up more for rainy days, paying for education to upgrade skills, buy that luxury bags or book more family holidays. Whatever the case, there is no reason to earn when there is an opportunity to do so. Being financially adequate is an amazing thing to be.

It started with me.

The first time I found a supplier of beauty products was eight years ago, and I started important small loads of shipment (1 carton) and sell them with a retail margin mark up to my friends and family. I wanted to earn extra income although I have a small home based business selling hair bows, I jumped at the very opportunity of reselling brand name cosmetics. I made some profit, because the products are in demand and the brands are familiar to the customers. It went on for many years before it crossed my mind in 2011, how great it would be if all the stay home mothers in the world could have the same opportunity to earn – as I did.

By 2014, I started working on the prototype involving tech support and got funded in 2016 to take it global – in which I did not hesitate to.

With that, through determination despite the challenges, we’ve gone on to developSpendless Cosmetics Reseller Program. It’s one of the simplest program to get started, where mothers can simply sign up and start their beauty eCommerce business instantly.

Watch this video to see how it works in a nutshell.

How does it work?

As an individual, you simply need to sign up as a beauty reseller and instantly have access to your own eCommerce website with thousands of beauty products on sale. Simply share the website with friends and family in your social media network, and earn transactions each time there is a sale. With a large inventory and competitive prices, your customers are spoilt for choice.

  • We made is completely hassle free!
  • Signing up is 100% free and instantly get started.
  • Earn and sell at your own pace, no sales target.
  • Work from home, all logistics for orders are drop shipped by suppliers to the customers direct. No need for any capital outlay, or long queues at the post office.a
  • Get commission for every product sold, cash bonus and product rewards.
  • Log on anytime, to check your order status and commission.

I did not just wanted it available to some people. I wanted every mother to have the chance to get started and earn income, while raising children at home.

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100,000 products on inventory

We worked with more than 400 brands with 100,000 products on inventory from suppliers all over the world. Most of our commercial brands are familiar to consumer yet we carry a small range of home-grown local products for the countries we are in. These suppliers are assessed, verified and managed entirely by us at the head office. You do not need to know them, but be assured the orders are delivered within 3-5 working days.

Globalizing Spendless Cosmetics

For the last two years, as Spendless Cosmetics hits more than 10 countries – the intent has always been the same. I wanted more mothers, who chose to stay home not be penalised for doing so. They still deserve a chance to earn, without massively changing their lifestyle or compromise their time with their children. We wanted to spread hope that, it is possible to achieve both motherhood and running a side business for another source of income to raise their children.

Earn hundreds or thousands, that’s the only choice you need to make.

We would love to help you get started on this amazing journey of earning your own income, being your boss and running your own business. If you have been eyeing for the luxury goods to buy, or wanted to help out with paying bills at home or booking extra family vacations to bond with your children – then we want to be a part of that possibility.

Sign up and find out more here. 

We’ve made this happen so you can be happy where you are, and happier now that you’re with us. Enjoy motherhood, those kids grow up too fast! 

If you know anyone who might like to take up this opportunity to earn income from home, please share and connect them to this article. We are also looking out to work with organization linking us to mothers to help them get back up in life, by being financially independent.

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