Giseno Hair & Beauty Aesthetics


Our Businesss Philospphy is to use Korean Herbal Formula to treat hair loss, thinning of hair, itchy & sensitive scalp, dandruff, hair therapy to stop premature greying, restore shine, lustre and improve hair texture. These are achieved through cleansing, scalp massage, application of our Herbal Formula to the scalp and steaming to absorb the essential nutrients through the pores to provide nourishment, strengthening and therapy to the hair follicles.

We charge our products and services at very reasonable price in order to be accessible to the masses and people who genuinely need hair therapy & treatment.


  • What is the name of your business and when was it incorporated?


Giseno Hair & Beauty Aesthetics



  • Where is it currently operating?


Hair & Scalp Care Salon:

6 Fort Canning Rd YWCA Fort Canning Lodge #01-02 (S) 179494


Semi-Permanent Make Up Studio:

1004A Upper Serangoon Rd (S)534742



  • Who are your target audience? (Please specify)


Trichology /Hair & Scalp Services:

People with scalp problems like hair loss, dandruff, oily scalp etc ,

Pregnant & Breastfeeding mother, Cancer Patients &

People looking for natural treatments & products


Semi-Permanent Services (Unisex):

Hairline & Scalp Micropigmentation for people suffering for hairloss/

Alopecia Areata /receding hairline etc


Embroidery services for eyebrow/eyeliner/lips:

Anyone who wants to enhance their looks & look natural



  • List your products and services, and price range.


Haircut $38-68

Wash & blow $25-38

Giseno Signature Scalp Spa $158-208

Olaplex Treatment $128-168

Soft Rebonding $200-380

Argan Oil Treatment Perm/Straightening $280-450

Keratin Treatment $220-380

Perm $158-380


Organic Color $128-250

Lightening/Highlights $88-168


Embroidery for:

Eyebrow (6-9D/Misty) $300-880

Eyeliner $350-880

Lips $350-1,080

Hairline $1280-1580

Scalp Micropigmentation $1280-3,0000




  • How do customers find you? Links to your website and social media pages?



Social media FB: Gisenohairspa


IG : Kimaesthetics_sg


bloggers(@dr.jeanelgoh, @sihuikoh, Gia via our  FB)

word of mouth


  • What makes you different from your competitors?


We are an organic & herbal hair salon.

People come to us for natural & chemical free or less harsh hair treatments      

& products. We carry our own Herbal concoction, 100% chemical free ,   

specially formulated for scalp nourishment & to promote hair growth,

together with many other hair/scalp benefits


One stop Scalp service with full hairdressing services + total Scalp solution including semi-permanent hairline/SMP & temporary solutions like customized hairpiece/toupee


Natural looking Korean Semi-Permanent Embroidery by

Korean Trained Award Winning Aesthetician



  • Any promotions for the next few months that readers can tap on?


Fashion Hair by experienced professional $20-30 usual $58

Olaplex $88 net u.p. $168

Rebonding fr $158 u.p. $320 (off peak hours)

Korean Perm at $188 u.p $320 ( off peak hours)

Eyebrow/ Eyeliner Embroidery at $198 ( only valid for off peak hours)



  • Anything to add on?

Strictly by prior appointment subject to available time slots


Call /WhatsApp 93874424 /67897729

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