The Best Things Come When You Take The Leap.


  • What is the name of your business and when was it incorporated?



Fitness Bravo was founded in 2013.



  • Where is it currently operating?



762/764 North Bridge Road (S)198730



  • Who are your target audience? (Please specify)



All ages, all walks of life who wants to be better, physically & well-being.



  • List your products and services, and price range.


Customized Personal Training:

12 sessions – $1140

36 sessions – $3060

100 sessions – $8000


Group Class:

10 sessions – $250

20 sessions – $350

1 month unlimited – $280


Online Coaching:

12-week Plan (Basic) – $308

12-week Plan (Intermediate) – $408

16-week Plan (Advance) – $488



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  • How do customers find you? Links to your website and social media pages?



Mainly referral & google.


Facebook: Fitness Bravo

Instagram: fitnessbravo



  • What makes you different from your competitors?



We are a studio of strong and diverse personal trainers united by our culture of being client focused, training with intention and empowering the community around us.

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