The Coastal Settlement

The Coastal Settlement is a casual dining restaurant, café and bar, surrounded by lush trees, shrubs and green fields; you can even take a peek of the sea while dining. Occasionally, you can chance upon a cruise ship sailing by and cackling hornbills in their flights.

The interior is decorated with all things of the past – literally a museum filled with retro memorabilia, paintings, vintage vehicles, nostalgic gadgets and antique furniture. Take a moment here, relax, imagine, savour, enjoy, and reminisce the old days gone by. Our menu is also carefully curated to incorporate various local flavours with a contemporary twist.Tell your family and friends about this place, there will be much to talk about!





  • What is the name of your business and when was it incorporated?



The Coastal Settlement, a restaurant that was opened in 2009.




  • Where is it currently operating?



200 Netheravon Road, S(508529)




  • Who are your target audience? (Please specify)



Families, tourists, café hoppers and corporate workers.




  • List your products and services, and price range.



We serve Western and Asian cuisine, prices range from $14 to $36.




  • How do customers find you? Links to your website and social media pages?




Instagram: @thecoastalsettlement




  • What makes you different from your competitors?



Our restaurant is decorated with rare retro collectibles, paintings, vintage vehicles and nostalgic gadgets. Think of it as a café-museum that lets you stroll down memory lane as you dine.




  • Any promotions for the next few months that readers can tap on?



We just launched our high tea set and we’re looking to expand our menu to include seafood items.

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