Spendless Cosmetics (SC) was founded in June 2014 by the entrepreneurial mother of three, Leza Parker. Through her work coaching up-and-coming entrepreneurs to realise their business dreams, and helping mothers earn incomes from home, she grew frustrated by how few people she was able to assist in a personal way. That is when the idea of an online portal, where individuals could come to sell freely without the overhead of tackling a wide range of technical and skill hurdles, came to her. SC was born. Leza set about cutting the technical challenges down until almost anyone could sign up and make money online. She partnered with cosmetics and beauty product suppliers worldwide and grew determined to offer price competitive products, not for simple commercial gain, but to make it worthwhile for individuals everywhere to gain access to her powerful selling platform.From the outset, the objective of the SC website was to create immediate solutions to the monetary and social problems of a large number of people.
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This is the world’s first program that allows anyone to own a website with 15,000 prelisted products within 30 seconds. Upon signing up free, we will give you control of a website that is maintained by us but personalised by you. You can upload your image, connect with your social media pages, and start earning money. Simply share your website link with your network of friends and family, and any orders that comes through your website will earn you commission straight away! All listed cosmetics are between 30-70% off retail prices, so your customers will be looking forward to huge savings! All of our cosmetics are 100% authentic and imported from all over the world. You can pause or terminate your account any time with the click of a button.


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Own your e-commerce website with 15,000 beauty products from 400 top brands in 30 seconds, Be your own boss!

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Share your website with your social media network. to encourgae them to shop and support your e-shop!

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Earn daily cash with every sale on your website. Check order status and commission amount by logging on your account anytime!

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No sales target, no logistics required. We maintain your website and handle all logistics! 100% drop ship to customers direct!

Why SC Reseller Program?

  • No sales target.
  • No investment or capital outlay.
  • 100% drop shipped from suppliers to customers direct.
  • Own your website in 30 seconds, with 15,000 beauty products.
  • Check commission and order status, anytime of the day.
  • 100% authentic products or money back guarantee.
  • Never leave home.
  • Earn cash daily, withdraw anytime.
  • 10% commission and above for every product sold.
  • Earn cash incentives for performing resellers.

Features of your e-commerce store

Well designed e-commerce store

Virtual inventory of 15,000 beauty products

Payment Gateway integrated to accept Paypal and credit cards

Back Office for easy log on anytime, to monitor order status and cash or withdraw commission

Integrated with all your social media links for easy sharing

Cross Sell Product encouraging purchase of more goods

Free Delivery with minimum order

Reward points for redemption of free goods for your frequent customers

Free gift with minimum order

Upcoming Features

Auction Page to encourage your customers to bid for products they love

Check your dashboard to monitor your sales performance closely

Cash and product rewards for performing resellers

We have empowered 20,000 beauty resellers globally. Sign up to be part of our community and start earning income from home

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Sell over 400 brands of beauty products. 100% authentic